SVS Central Park Phase - I at Mamidilova, Visakhapatnam

SVS Central Park is meticulously designed canvas of boundless possibilities, where each element tells a story of purpose and aesthetics. The intricate pathways with hidden nooks and alcoves provide quiet retreat adorned with carefully chosen flora and fauna that creates a breathtaking sensory experience.

Mamidilova layout is a sanctuary for serenity and an arena for inspiration.

SVS Central Park Phase - II at Sontyam, Visakhapatnam

Central Park provides everything needed for a peaceful life. When it comes to breathing space, it offers areas that truly captivate the senses. Moreover, the generously-sized homes, expansive plots, wide roads, and parks provide the privacy and freedom one has always yearned for. The well-organized community elevates one’s sense of being, making you feel more significant and enhancing every aspect of life.

Marvel Destiny

Marvel Destiny tells a story of beauty and purpose. The plots in the layout are positioned with precision, taking full advantage of the panoramic views and natural features. Each plot is a blank canvas for your dreams, awaiting the brushstrokes of your imagination to create a unique, personalized haven.

The thoughtfully placed amenities at Marvel Destiny caters to your every need, with serene parks, walking trails, and communal spaces designed to foster a sense of community and well-being.  With seamlessly integrated infrastructure ensures that your future home is well-connected and environmentally responsible.